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About Us

We are a non-profit organization taking the initiative to encourage, empower, and create a positive environment for our youth.

We will be using a variety of sports activities such as Football, Cheerleading, Dance, Basketball, and Baseball to inspire them in their everyday walk of life….primarily focusing on the children; creating a champion, and not just winning a championship! Our goal at Steelers Youth Athletics is to mentor, motivate, strengthen and foster a healthy atmosphere for our children to grow, learn and be confident in who they are and what they can achieve; at school, home, on the field or off the field. Because We Care!

In addition to good sportsmanship, we aim to build sound character, integrity, and kindness in our children. And of course, for them to have some plain ole fun.

Alicia Jackson

"Children learn as they play. More Importantly, in play children learn to learn."


Basketball & Baseball


Financial Literacy

Cheerleading & Dance

Steelers Youth Athletic Club Family

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encouraging, empowering, and creating a positive environment for our youth.

Our program helps youths mentally, physically and emotionally.

Physically, playing sports like basketball, football can improve and develop good cardiovascular health, agility, and hand-eye coordination.

Camaraderie, teamwork, discipline and good work ethic are also a very integral part of our program.


Being a part of The Steelers Youth Athletic Club will give your child a sense of belonging and being a part of something bigger than themselves.

Financial Literacy

The local public schools are not teaching kids real life lessons about money! The Steelers Youth Athletic Club will teach youths the value of money, and how to create financial freedom.

We Teach kids about the importance of budgeting. Our financial literacy places an emphasis on the basic principle of spending and savings.

It’s an opportunity for our youths to learn about the financial systems as a whole and how to better use them to create true financial freedom.

We use games, books and peer-to-peer conversation to learn and apply the fundamentals of money and creating generational wealth.

We are looking for mentors and mentees to join The Steelers Youth Athletic Club family

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"Teach your kids good money habits one step at a time. It's a gift that will pay off for the rest of their lives. "

The Steelers Youth Athletic Club is looking for coaches to join our family.


We are excited and hope that you would join our excitement by offering your support and/or donations as we position ourselves to cultivate a loving, caring, and progressive atmosphere for what’s sure to be an awesome team.
Your Donation will make a meaningful impact on our Steelers family for many years to come. of any amount are acceptable and most appreciated and thank you in advance for affecting our community in such an impactful way.
-Alicia Jackson

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